3 Ways To Build Loyal Gym Customers

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For gym owners, maintaining loyal gym members is key to building a profitable and sustainable customer-base. You want visitors to keep coming back and and renew their gym memberships. You want to be irreplaceable, and not just another gym option.

The Benefits Of Loyal Customers

Loyal customers can help promote your gym. Satisfied and happy members will recommend your gym to others.
Loyal customers are more profitable because they are more likely to extend their memberships long-term.
Because loyal customers already trust your brand and service, they will be more open and excited about new products that you offer in the future.

3 Ways To Build A Loyal Customer Base

Have Impeccable Customer Service: Members will judge your gym based on your customer service. It's inevitable. If they have a frustrating encounter, they'll less likely come back, and even possibly post their bad experience online. You don't want that! These can be prevented by training a kind and helpful gym team, from the front desk, to the trainers and coaches. To make it easier for members, you can invest in an auto-check-in feature in which members can sign-in digitally without having to wait in line.

Ask For Member Feedback: To make members feel valued, ask for customer feedback. This is a great way to show you care about your members and their concerns and opinions. This helps build brand loyalty by encouraging a community to create a better gym they are a part of. You can leave out feedback cards, an email to send concerns to, or do a gym-wide survey. To encourage participation, offer prize incentives like a free class or fitness product.

Provide A Special And Valuable Service: If you want to stand out from other gyms, offer a product or service that is not only valuable but one that keeps customers coming back. One service is Member Measurement Tracking, in which you can provide members a way to track, update and follow health and fitness goals like weight, blood pressure, or BMI. This is an extremely helpful service, and also not common at gyms. By being part of your members' fitness journey, you become more valued and build loyalty.

Loyal customers are crucial to a successful gym, and should be one of a gym's top priorities. To help build a larger loyal customer base, contact us today.