The Fitness Marketing You Need to Be Doing Right Now

Gym Software Fitness Marketing You've got great equipment and trainers. You're managing your gym with the right software. Here's how to get more people through the door with fitness marketing

The internet has changed the way people engage with businesses, and that includes gyms.

These days, it doesn't matter how expensive your equipment is, how fit your trainers are, or how advanced your gym management software is. If you aren't doing the right fitness marketing, no one is going to be coming to your gym.

If you aren't doing the right fitness marketing, no one is going to be coming to your gym.

But marketing your gym takes more finesse than just asking all of your members to tag the location in their workout pics on Instagram (though that's a good idea).

In this article, we'll take a look at the best digital marketing tips to get clients through the door and onto your treadmills.

Fitness Marketing 101: building a web presence

Try to think of the last time you visited a business without Googling it first.

It was a while ago, wasn't it?

Today, most consumers discover businesses online. If your gym doesn't have a good web presence, you're going to miss out on a lot of business.

Your web presence takes many forms. And all of them are important.

Google Maps listing

Anyone who is visiting your gym for the first time will most likely look up directions on Google Maps.

Chances are, there is already a listing for your company on there. You might as well take control of what it says.

You can claim your Google Maps listing for free. This allows you to add important information (like hours) and link back to your website.

Don't have a website?

You're going to want to change that.

Website Solutions

A website is one of the best ways to add legitimacy to your business. But around half of small businesses don't have a website at all.

That works...if you don't want your business to thrive.

Your website is the best way to offer potential customers a look at what your business is like beforehand.

But a bad website is almost as harmful as no website. Getting a good website doesn't have to be a challenge. Focus on these things:

Make important information (like your hours and location) clear and easy to find
Use a website builder that uses attractive, easy-to-use templates
Put up good pictures!
Pay for a professional domain name.

Social Media Engagement

While a website is important, it can't replace social media. After all, your customers are already there.

Social media pages are perhaps the best way to engage with your members (and make new ones!)

There's no better way to make announcements, hear customer feedback, and spread word-of-mouth like social media.

There are a number of ways to use social media to boost your fitness marketing and find new customers.

Targeted ads

Facebook's ad platform has taken a lot of the guesswork out of targeted marketing.

When you pay to boost a post, you can filter an audience by age, location, gender, and even interests. This makes it incredibly easy to pinpoint your ideal customer.


Everyone loves free stuff.

A social media contest is a great way to increase engagement.

Give a free month to the member who shares your posts to the most people. Give a t-shirt to the person with the most likes on their workout selfies.

Rewards for check-ins

The check-in has become the new word-of-mouth.

When a person checks in at your gym, it lets all of their friends know that going to your gym is something to be proud of.

So why not reward them?

Offer perks for check-ins: discounted rates, gym swag, maybe even a shout out on your Facebook page.

Incentivize engagement to your members and watch your content take off.

Still in the dark ages?

Is your fitness marketing in a good place, but your gym management needs an update?
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